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What are the Best Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy?


It is very difficult to sleep comfortably on a bed during pregnancy. Many pregnant mothers wrestle their way through numerous positions in bed in quest to get comfortable before sleeping. This is because the regular sleeping position that a person is used to won’t work during pregnancy. The woman has to find the best position of sleeping comfortably when pregnant and to get the much needed rest.

Some of the reasons that lead to the discomfort are because the body has undergone some changes which disrupt the usual peaceful sleep. The fetus will be growing and therefore it will be hard to find a comfortable sleeping position. Some of the changes include having an increased abdomen, back pains, heart burns, insomnia and reduced breath.

Therefore, the best sleeping position for someone who is pregnant is to sleep on their sides, and mostly on the left hand side.

This sleeping position increases the amount of blood as well as nutrients which reach the placenta to the unborn baby.

While in this sleeping position, the knees and the legs should remain bent, with the pillow placed between the legs. In case one is experiencing back pains, they should sleep on their left hand side with the pillow placed under the abdomen.

A special and extra long pregnancy pillow can work best if available. How you position the pillow under the body will also help in making you lie on your side by preventing you from rolling over to sleep on the back or on the stomach. On the other hand if the person is experiencing heart burns, the 'sleep on side’ method should still be maintained but with the pillow placed under the upper body. This also works during late pregnancy when one experiences shortages in breath.

On the other hand, if side sleeping puts more pressure to the hips, then acquire a piece of soft form that will go on top of the mattress. This will increase the comfort as well as the air circulation.

There are some sleeping positions that should be  during pregnancy.

Sleeping on your back for example is not encouraged during pregnancy. This is because it may result in breathing problems together with back aches and problems in the digestive system. Sleeping on the back will also lead to a decrease in blood pressure which may result to a decrease in the circulation of the heart and that of the baby. This is because the weight of the fetus will be pressing on the spine and might result in back problems. In other cases also, sleeping on your back will prevent the fetus from getting all the nutrients and the oxygen it needs.

Another sleeping position discouraged is when you sleep on your stomach during pregnancy. In fact it will just be difficult to lie on the stomach because of the bulging of the abdomen and the enlarging breasts. This is especially after the fifth month where pregnant women are discouraged from sleeping on their stomachs.

In the late pregnancy when the abdomen has become extra large in size, it is encouraged that the pregnant woman changes from the beds, and start sleeping on a comfy armchair or on the sofa set.

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