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What are the Best Airbed Pumps?


There are an abundance of brands of air bed pumps available on the market that can make it complicated when choosing to purchase one. Whether you are looking to get your first ever air bed pump or you need to replace an existing one, you will come across a lot of variety from different manufacturers that will pose as a challenge to settle on one choice.

Air mattresses basically are PVC blow up mattresses that are filled with air rather than the common memory form. These bed mattresses are mostly inflated with electrical power though there are other different ways of inflating them. Many people prefer air pump mattresses because of their benefits such as being able to adjust the comfort levels; they reduce back pain problems and also the ability to adjust both sides of the bed into different levels, either firm or soft for those people sharing the bed.

The air pumps have different sizes, and it is possible to deflate them and pack them while travelling or camping. Their flexibility as well as the cheaper price makes them preferred over other types. Among the most important mechanics of an air bed is the pump. Being such an important item, you need something reliable and durable. You need something that will float your bed without breaking down at a time when you need it most.

There are those air mattresses that have an inbuilt pump which means you won’t need the pump. However, most of the best air mattresses require an external pump for inflating purposes.

There are three types of pumps, the first type is one that is manually powered, the second one is battery powered and there is an electric powered from the main switch. Usually the electric and rechargeable pumps are better unless opting for a more versatile one.

There are different features of the best air pumps.

The first feature is that most of them have nozzles of the same size. This means the same pump can be used for more than one purpose for example they can be used to inflate large pool toys.

In other cases the pumps will come with a good number of nozzle attachments which makes it possible to fit any type of item you are inflating. For this purpose therefore, the pumps can be able to inflate other items such as balloons and balls.

Another feature of the best air mattress pumps is that they are able to perform both the inflating and the deflating functions. These pumps therefore are more convenient and will save on time whenever someone is in a hurry to inflate the furniture’s and pack them in a car. Most air pumps have this feature.

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Best air pumps.Smart air beds electric pump. This is a basic pump and cheap in size. It has both inflation and deflation valves and three interchangeable nozzles. However you will need a power outlet to use it.

Intex quick fill pump. It is an electric pump with an AC/DC adapter; therefore it can be used from the car battery. It has both the inflating and deflating valves and three nozzles.

Intex quick fill rechargeable air pump. It is the best for versatility that also comes with a car adapter. They can be taken with anywhere when on a camping trip.

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