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Water Bed vs Air Bed. Which is best?


Research shows that an average human being spends a third of their lives sleeping. This means mattresses have a great effect on the life of a person. The comfort of a mattress will determine the state of a person when they wake up, those who slept on a comfortable mattress will wake up when they have rested well while those on a non-comfortable mattress will wake up when they are tired.

Among the many types of mattresses, there are airbeds and water beds. Both of these beds have their own qualities, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages which add to the comfort of a person during sleep. We however want to determine which among them is better compared to the rest.

An airbed is usually a mattress reinforced with rubber or vinyl, which is filled with air to the extent that the pressure filled, supports the weight of the person laying on it. This mattress is flexible such that it can be customized to the desired firmness by the person using it. The mattresses either come with an inbuilt pump or have an external air pump, which is used to pump the pressure into the mattresses. The modern air mattresses have been designed in the same size as the conventional beds, though one can adjust their size for easy climbing on and off.

Most of the air mattresses have the feature of inflating and deflating quickly especially when in a hurry, this therefore means they are light and therefore versatile and portable. This feature makes them the ideal choice for camping, when going on a trip or when used at a limited space, for example inside a tent.

Airbeds usually provide a personalized and adjustable support when used, which increases the comfort and relief any form of pain. This makes it possible for the couple to have their own customization of the mattress. They also do not retain the heat and have a good lifespan.

Water beds on the other hand are mattresses which are filled with water, usually to a level that will support the weight of the person lying on it. The water is contained in a certain inner core that is usually water proof, and other materials are added to maintain the balance. In other cases, the water can be heated to certain warmth so as to add comfort to the mattress.

These mattresses are the best choice for people who love the gentleness of the body, as it conforms to the shape of the body when lying on it which helps relieve pressure and provide relief for the joints. They are also best during chilly weathers because the water can be heated up. They are also very durable and can stay longer periods of time. The mattresses are largely dust mite resistant.

In comparison however between the two, air mattresses are better.

This is because water beds are more expensive compared to the air mattresses which are lighter. Water beds also will require a reinforced floor to support their weight. Most apartments therefore rarely accept water beds, and most of the movers will find it hard to move the beds.

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