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Should You Take Xanax To Help You Sleep?


Xanax is not the best solution to get a good night's sleep.  Investing in a good mattress is.

There are a good number of people who are using Xanax as a treatment of anxiety and to help them fall asleep within a short period of time. Many people have been misguided to think that Xanax and other prescribed sleeping pills will help solve the problem of sleep. However sleeping on a great mattress is the best way of reducing anxiety and getting sleep rather than the Xanax.

Xanax in definition is a sleeping drug that is used to treat anxiety disorders and panic orders in the brain which are usually caused by depression. There is a process in the brain known as Alprazolam, which affects the chemicals in the brain making them unbalanced to cause anxiety.

Xanax tries to treat such anxiety disorders. It is however commonly used to treat alcohol withdrawal and difficulty sleeping. If this drug is used repeatedly, it has the tendency of forming habits, which might lead to addiction.

Xanax works best if it is used strictly for a short term therapy of about 2 to 4 weeks. It should also be accompanied with exercises, good sleep hygiene, exposure and cognitive behavior therapy and a healthy diet.

However this drug is not ideal to be used by certain groups of people such as pregnant women because it can lead to birth defects or even other withdrawal symptoms to the unborn child. The baby may also develop an addiction towards the drug and may require serious medical treatments when they are born. The Alprazolam also has the tendency of passing through breast milk and can reach the baby during breastfeeding.

Apart from the pregnant mothers, those people who have a narrow angle glaucoma should not attempt to take these medication, or if you are allergic to any the Xanax medicine or other related medicine because it might result to disorders.

Furthermore, those people who have certain health disorders such as liver and kidney problem, asthma and any other breathing problem, epilepsy, any history of depression and suicidal thoughts or any drug and alcohol addiction should be using the Xanax medicine to cure anxiety.

The drug has the capability of making the user forgetful. It impairs the thinking and reactions. Below are some of the side effects of using Xanax as a sleeping pill.The user of the medicine will be in a depressed mood always with the thoughts of suicide or of hurting themselves haunting them every now and then.

In other circumstances the person will feel of having a lot of energy, such that they have racing thoughts criss crossing their minds and the urge to do other unusual and risky physical activities.

A high sense of confusion, hallucinations, agitation as well as hostility will be the order of the day for such people.

The person may be feeling anxious every morning, and sometimes drowsiness and a feeling of tiredness even if they have done nothing.

Memory problems and lack of balance or coordination is another side effects of Xanax medicine, together with uncontrolled muscle movements and

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