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Serta: The Mattress Company from Illinois


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Serta is an American company that deals with the manufacturing and supplying of mattresses and other related accessories to hotels and for home use. Based in Illiniois, the company which started in 1930 is ranked as the second largest company in the manufacturing and distribution of mattresses all over the world. The company started dominating the mattresses industry in the early 1990s and has continually grown to become the best industry in the world.


Serta Inc draws its establishment in the year 1930 during the worst years in stock market in the USA. Family fortunes during that time were lost because of the losses in the stock market, with corporations and small business going bankrupt. Many banks and financial institutions closed their doors to the people as many people lost their jobs becoming unemployed.

Because of this situation, small independent business began to join together in the prospect for a quick economic recovery. The businesses began to form an association so that they could strengthen themselves and survive the economic blast. Among the associations that were made was one group consisting of independent mattress manufacturers.

The small manufacture of mattresses came to an agreement that they needed to compete with the larger companies for their economic livelihood in the future. After agreeing on the importance of working together and some of the risks that might arose, a total of 13 independent mattresses manufacturers assembled together formally, incorporating themselves and rebranded the name ' Sleeper Inc’.

They needed to make guidelines on the products that they will be manufacturing and devise ways on how they will be marketing their products with one brand name that they were to agree. They all agreed that only one brand name product would succeed in the market and compete with larger companies that had already established themselves.

The first brand name mattress they established was branded "Perfect sleeper’ in 1932, it was the first tuft less mattress ever to be made. The company committed itself to providing high quality products and services to both retailers and consumers, and this made them survive the great depression era in America that time.

However in 1941, just before the Second World War, the association voted to change their name from sleeper Inc. to Serta Inc. which made them increases the selling of their branded mattresses. Through research, the company established and determined what kind of products that the public demanded. They established that consumers were after owning brand names that are recognizable, and consumers could spend a lot of cash on brand names that they know and are trusts. This translated into the company creating a familiar and trustworthy brand than would foster their success.

Serta was among the first companies that advertised their products on television in 1950s. This increased their sales in the market and also improved their brand name to consumers. It helped to provide a high quality visibility of their quality mattresses to the customers, making their mattresses one of the most recognizable consumer products in America.

The increase in sales made the company implement an overseas extension program, extending their products and services to more nations. The extension program added to the recognition of the company. Though research and development department, the company resorted into introducing the use of a convoluted form in designing a new and improved version of their mattresses.

The company translated their ideas and concepts into the innovations in their industry and it led to another introduction of 'Serta triple beam bed frame’, which is so far the strongest and most durable product in the whole world. They also started producing the 'perfect night luxury mattress’ that is the company’s most successful product in the industry.

It’s advertising and marketing strategy with the tag line, “Serta, the world’s best mattress” was successful in playing the emotions of its customers, while at the same time communicating the values of trust, comfort and quality.

Serta has more than 31 mattress factories and facilities in the whole of North America, with 23 plants and offices overseas. Its focus is to produce best quality mattresses to satisfy their consumers. Their mattresses come in many prices and with firmness and comfort.

The company offers three major types of mattresses; Gel infused memory foam, natural Talalay latex and the inner spring. Most of their products are used in the lodging industry. It is famous for the advertising campaign in form of 'counting sheep’ animations like the video below.

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