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Serta Air Mattress Review


Serta Air Mattress has always lived up to the expectations of consumers who are seeking quality bed products. In the competitive industry of air mattresses, Serta occupies first place and is a recognized home mattress brand. After the three years of its foundation by independent mattress manufacturers, the company started designing mattresses in 1933. Indeed, they make world’s best mattresses. All their products have positive responses from customers. That’s pretty impressive, isn’t it! Offering great comfort and support for a relaxing slumber party.

Our top pick as one of the best air mattresses of 2016 is from Serta​

Serta Raised Air Mattress

Serta Raised Air Mattress


  • Micro support gel makes up the ultra-comfortable sleeping surface called the smart surface.
  • Serta latex foam and cool balance fiber technology is used to add comfort by adjusting the sleeping temperature.
  • The air mattress is designed using a liquid gel-enhanced memory foam commonly known as the cool twist gel memory foam to adjust and promote the sleep temperature of the mattress.
  • For the built-in pillows, Serta soft foam is used. This extra soft foam provides cushioning to the body and enhances the sleeping process.
  • Comfort XD foam is a thick layer of soft, yet firm foam, that enhances comfort by cradling the body gently.

The following three mattresses are designed to offer a high quality sleeping experience:

  • Serta Raised Air Bed with Insta III Pump
  • Serta Raised Bed with Never Flat Pump
  • Serta EZ Bed

The pros and cons using each air bed are stated below.

Serta Perfect Sleeper Queen Air Bed with Headboard

Serta Perfect Sleeper Queen Air Bed with Headboard


  • Serta Raised Air bed is inflated to 74 x 39 x 15 inches and 78 x 60 x 15 inches, twin and queen sizes respectively, by an Insta III pump operated by an AC power supply. This powerful built-in pump inflates and deflates the mattress in no time. The smart circular coils system makes the mattress design unique. To enhance support and comfort for the sleeper, 35 circular coils in the queen size air bed and 21 circular coils in the twin size are used.
  • The 15 inch height from the ground makes it easy to climb in and out of bed, but also provide the comforts of a regular bed. You will fall into a deep sleep in no time as you hit the super soft flocked sleeping surface. This air mattress is also great for outdoor use like camping trips. It deflates in a minute and can be stored conveniently in a high quality carry case.
  • Serta Raised Bed with Never Flat Pump is the best air mattresses for indoor use. Available in queen and twin size, the mattress rises to the height of 18 inches from the floor and the sure grip design keeps the mattress in place, therefore preventing slipping. Auto engaging never flat pump technology is the most important feature that enables quick inflation and deflation of the air mattress. The never flat technology consists of two built-in pumps. Just like the name of the pump suggests, the built-in pumps inflate the air mattress quickly and maintains air pressure to the desired firmness.
  • The exterior made up of PVC material makes the mattress sturdy and the pressure sensing technology maintains air at a constant level and therefore eliminates the chance of deflation. Furthermore, this mattress offers adjustable comfort levels. 21 circular coils in the design of twin size air mattress and 35 circular coils in the design of the queen size mattress support the soft and large sleeping surface.
  • Serta EZ Bed contains features of a Serta raised bed but it takes air mattress to a new level. The features are a built-in automatic pump, which keep mattress firm and air pressure constant while you sleep, a large sleeping surface, waterproof and puncture resistant top for a continuous comfortable sleep, and smart coil system consists of 48 coils to add support to the sleeping surface. The inflation and deflation is also quick.

The distinguishing feature that separates this from the other two Serta air mattresses is the frame, which give the mattress a regular look. The sturdy frame is very easy to operate and adds height and support to the mattress. Just plug in and walk away for a few minutes to unfold and inflate the mattress. The mattress can easily deflate and fold automatically.


There are a couple of cons faced while using this Serta mattress.

  • The greatest set back of a Serta Raised Air bed is the never flat technology. The mattress is not suitable for long camping trips, as it needs electrical power to remain inflated.
  • The inflation motor occasionally creates problems as it makes a noise when inflating and deflating. This mattress is not as durable as some users want it to be.
Serta EZ Bed

Serta EZ Bed


Each type of mattress from Serta is unique in its own way. If compare to second and third best air mattress brands in the market, which are Sound asleep dream series and Intex Air bed, Serta bed is a mixture of these two brands.


Intex airbed contains of a built-in electric pump that sets up the mattress quickly. Its low cost and is extremely comfortable and reliable. Still, it lacks many qualities which Serta mattresses excel at. These features are constant air pressure, sturdy construction, and continuous firmness and support for an undisturbed sleep.

Sleep Asleep Dream Series is best for indoor purposes like a Serta Raised Bed. The multi-layer thickness, high capacity internal pump and strong exterior are the most important features of the dream series, which enhances maximum comfort. This mattress is very easy to store and carry.

In the design of a Serta air mattress the use of never flat technology prevents air leaks, offers a strong structure for support, easy to setup, enables fast pumping for inflation of the mattress.

Serta Air Mattresses stand out among the other mattress brand and that’s why Serta remains the number one choice in the US.

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