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My Top 5 Snoring Cures


Sleep is a very essential component for good health, having adequate sleep helps one to be optimally healthy. Snoring is a sleep problem which will limit a person an opportunity to have enough sleep.

Snoring can be an embarrassing habit, especially loud snoring and in other cases it affects the well being of a person. The situation will create disturbance in sleep, insomnia and the person waking up when he is tired, or the person ending up being sleepy the whole day. In addition, the snoring will cause a sore throat and chest pains.

Snoring is mostly caused by a reduced airway stemming from the nasal passage of the throat. Therefore as the air struggles to get through the soft palate to the nostrils, it tends to vibrate, causing the loud snoring sound.

Loud snoring is usually a sign of sleep apnea, which is a disorder that causes the breathing to get low during sleeping. The snoring is mostly associated with the lifestyle of the person, and therefore a change in lifestyle will stop the snoring. In conjunction to this, over-the-counter remedies and other medical treatments also helps to solve the problem.

These are the top five methods that can stop the snoring problem and help the person enhance the health.

The first remedy is to change the sleeping habits.

The sleeping habits such as the number of hours you sleep and the sleeping position can reduce the snoring. Certain sleeping habits such as staying for long without sleep or getting few hours of sleep makes one overtired and also prevent the lungs from functioning properly. Changing these sleeping habits will result in the person having adequate sleep. Furthermore, one should learn to sleep on the side or in an inclined position. This helps in making the airways remain in an optimal position for air circulation, and therefore reducing snoring. Pillows also help reduce the snoring.

The second solution involves improving on the diet and exercise.

Many people start snoring when they have increased in weight, as overweight is another cause of snoring. The extra fat that is found around the muscles of the neck and the chest succeeds in overweighing the lungs and the soft palace, therefore leading to snoring. Better nutrition diets and good diet makes you physically fit and will make you sleep soundly.

The third cure to snoring involves stopping certain harmful habits such as using tobacco and alcohol.

The drug and substance abuse increases the risk for snoring. Therefore you should not use them five hours before going to sleep. Furthermore stopping drug abuse will improve the general health of a person and will lead to the person having an enough sleep.

The fourth major way to cure snoring problem is through having enough water in the body

Eat more liquid foods and drink a lot of water. Always stay hydrated because snoring is caused by the soft palate and the secretions in the nose becoming dehydrated. In addition, keeping the sleeping environment moist for example using a humidifier or taking hot shower before bed reduces the snoring.

The last method is through an oral application.

Most people snore because of the imbalance in position between the soft tissues in the mouth and in the nose. The tissues will collapse and prevent the air from flowing freely. The oral application will help hold the mouth and jaw at an appropriate angle, therefore allowing easy breathing and reducing snoring.

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