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Intex Air Mattress Review


Comfort, safety and luxury is the vision of the Intex Recreation Corp. Formerly branded as the Wet Set. Intex Corp’s manufactured goods are environmental friendly. Intex Corp has made a recognizable place and value in the market due to their innovative ways of sustainability and high quality testing of their outdoor and indoor family merchandises. Tested highest quality goods are the main objective and always has been the company’s top priority for 40 years. The following products of the Intex Corp are extremely durable.

  • Air beds
  • Pools
  • Spas
  • Toys
  • Furniture
  • Boats

Intex Recreation Corp has earned a value in the airbed market by engineering some of the best air mattresses. Intex Raised Downy Airbed, Intex Deluxe Pillow Rest Raised, Intex Supreme Airflow Air Mattress and Intex Comfort Frame Airbed Kit are outstanding air mattresses the company have designed. Let’s find out the features that make Intex air mattress one of the trusted air mattress brands in the market.

Intex Raised Downy Airbed

Intex Raised Downy Airbed


  • The Intex air mattresses are raised air mattresses that not only ease of getting in and out of the mattress but also gives a real bed type of look.
  • The Intex air mattress is designed using a liquid gel-enhanced memory foam commonly known as cool twist gel memory foam to adjust and promote the sleep temperature of the mattress.
  • For the built-in pillows, extra soft foam is used that provides cushioning to the sleepers body and enhances the relief to the body.
  • Comfort XD foam is a thick layer of soft, yet firm foam, that enhance comfort by cradling the sleeper gently.
  • The exterior and interior body of the mattress is sturdy.
  • Tested high quality vinyl makes plush flocked sleeping surface, which is waterproof as well.
  • The construction of the mattress is a dual chamber. The lower chamber acts as a spring box, maintaining the firmness and shape of bed, and the upper chamber completes the dual chamber and function as uniform mattress.
  • Indentation around the air mattress keep the bed cover and pillow in place
  • One click inflation and deflation
  • High power electric pump inflates the air mattress quickly.
Intex Deluxe Pillow Rest Raised Airbed

Intex Deluxe Pillow Rest Raised Airbed


  • Intex Raised Downy Airbed is the largest queen size air mattress among the Intex air mattresses that rise off the floor by 22 inches. Its features include a vinyl top which add stability and ensures zero air leakage. The comfort level in the mattress can be set to the desired level. The mattress can conveniently store and transport to the wilderness for camping and is extremely comfortable to sleep on a hollow ground.
  • Available at just $40.00, this comfortable queen sized Intex Deluxe mattress is a very smart looking bed. Well-constructed using a 15-gauge vinyl material makes this soft and stable. Dual chambers provide constant firmness to the mattress. The bugles adds stability and comfort while you sleep. The built-in electric pump is of a high capacity that sets up the mattress within 4 minutes. Similarly, it is very convenient to deflate the mattress, store in a duffle bag and transport, thus making it fit for outdoor activities. This mattress is a lifesaver for people suffering from backaches and sores.
  • Intex Supreme Air flow mattress is a very comfortable and sturdy air mattress that lets you rest easy. The mattress inflates and deflates within 3 minutes. Interconnected air cells are added to the mattress for the added support and uniformity of the mattress. The raised mattress is really cozy and offers a relaxing rest as soon as the sleeper hits the mattress.
  • What makes Intex Comfort Frame Airbed Kit different from other Intex air mattresses is the unique design. The design features an exterior mattress and frame, which gives the regular bed effect to the mattress by raising the mattress up to 16 inches in height and adding comfort and firmness. Unique pillowed headboard offers stability to the mattress. The mattress is actually two beds in one. It’s up to the user how it should be used, as a one bed consisting or separating the unit into two beds. Like the previous air mattresses, this mattress is made up of a velvety vinyl top that is super soft and plush.


  • The mattress is not preferable for long travelling trips as the built-in pump is operated on an AC supply.
  • Air leaks slowly from the mattress.
  • The mattress loses structural integrity
  • Tear of seams starts in a few months
  • Sometimes it is hard to fold and roll the mattress
Intex Comfort Frame Airbed

Intex Comfort Frame Airbed


Air mattresses designed by Intex Recreation Corp is famous in the air mattress market for affordable price and quality that are never compromised. There isn’t an air mattress like the Intex air mattress in the market that has a separable exterior mattress and exterior frame. No mattress offer pillowed headrest except Intex frame Airbed. No other mattress can compete with the softness that Intex mattresses provide. Innovation in the designs and construction is always taken into consideration with an Intex mattress.


No other mattress brand in the market can compete with an Intex air mattress because of its unique features, be it a Serta air mattress or a Coleman air mattress. Serta air mattress is extremely reliable and comfortable to sleep on. The smart coil system enhances support to the mattress and easy folding store the mattress conveniently and impeccable for the camping trips. Whereas, Intex mattress is not highly portable like the Serta air mattress is.

Intex air mattresses are not easy to carry for long camping trips, as the mattress needs electric power for the built-in pump to inflate and deflate the mattress. However, this problem is solved through carrying a separate battery operated air pump. In this case, the Coleman pump is highly recommended.

Although out of the top four Intex air mattresses, three air mattresses have no problem with air leakages, unlike many other brands, where punctures are frequently reported in online reviews. A sleek and stylish Intex frame Airbed is a combination of sturdiness, durability, and reliability.

Therefore, if you are in need of a new air mattress to permanently replace the traditional bed for a comfortable, luxurious sleep, then the Intex air mattress is what you need.

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