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How to Choose an Airbed for Camping


Camping Air mattresses are the common items on the 'must buy' list of those people who love the great outdoors. The air mattress is a solution to many people who don'rt enjoy camping as much as they could because they do not want to sleep on the ground.

The air mattress provides a quick and convenient means of sleeping. Modern air mattresses will surely bring all the much needed rest at the end of a busy day.

Most people care about the comfort while at the camping site, However when selecting for the air mattresses to be used when going for camping, there are a variety of factors that needs to be put into consideration.

This is because the different air mattresses have different characteristics, in terms of the size, the variety as well as their weight. There are several components that a person should keep in mind, when choosing the air mattresses for camping.

The first thing to consider is whether to carry a heavier or a lighter air mattress. 

If the main concern of the person is for comfort ability, then a heavier air matters is the ideal choice for you. The heavier is absolutely more durable and also more comfortable. It is usually more comfortable because it is firmer, less bouncy and also flatter. These suit best those people who camp close to the homestead or those people who have small toddlers.

The heavier air mattresses are quite bulky and also heavy, and therefore they will be not suitable if one has to carry all the items in a backpack.

However for those people whose aim is to hike at the camp spot a little while and they leave for other activities such as go for mountain climbing, then the lighter air mattress are the best for them. Lighter air mattresses usually do not have the same toughness compared to the heavier one even though they are durable.

They are however cheaper and easily portable and they are made from the lighter materials.

Another component to consider is whether the air mattresses are inflated by an electric pump or a hand and foot pump.

An electric pump will be perfect because it performs all the tasks efficiently with minimum effort. However the distance that you are to cover to reach the destination should also be a consideration. If the distance from the camp to the hike is a mile away, it is better to consider the hand and foot pump over the electric pump.

Another thing to consider is the brands that make the mattresses.

There are several brands such as the Coleman airbeds which are the producer of the heaviest air mattresses, aerobe airbeds brand, which also produce the heavy variety of the air mattress and which therefore suits those people who do not hike far from the camp spot.

There is also the Intex brand of the air beds, who are the producers of lighter air pumps, together with the hand and foot pumps. Their products also have a cheaper price compared to other brands.

There are my picks for the best airbeds for a camping trip . . .​

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