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You’re Health Will Be Suffering If You Don’t Get Enough Sleep


What are the health risks?

We are in an era where most people do not have enough sleep. Most working people burn their midnight oil staying the whole night awake, studying, or working or just having fun. However they do not understand the risks that come with not having adequate sleep.

The effects of inadequate sleep can be adverse; there are both short term and long term effects. Among the short term consequences include affecting the moods, ability to retain information after learning, fatigue and lacking focus. Long term health consequences include increasing the risk to diabetes, obesity, cancer and might lead to short life expectancy. There is always a relation between having adequate sleep and good health.

The least amount of sleep one is supposed to have is 8 hours according to research. Therefore anyone having less than that regularly is at risks of experiencing several health risks. The characteristic of having poor sleep is when you wake up feeling tired, and when you spend the better part of the day looking for an opportunity to have a nap. Usually what cause poor sleep apart from suffering from sleep insomnia are the poor sleeping habits.

There are several health risks that are associated with not getting adequate sleep. These effects are very common among those people who lack adequate sleep.

1. Short sleep increases the risks of stroke.

Apart from the main factors such as family factors and obesity, going several days with little or no sleep will lead to an increased risk of stroke. This is especially to the working adults who spend most of their time in office working; they have a higher risk of getting stroke symptoms.

2. Deprived sleep will lead to obesity.

Having little sleep will spur the person into eating a lot in a quest to counter the sleep. In the process of feeding yourself with junk food as well as over eating, the person will increase the chances of getting obese. The urge to feed large portions of food is caused by complication changes in the hormones which occur as a result of limited sleep. Usually getting less sleep entices the production of hunger hormone in large amounts and one will not have control on the amount of food they take. The result is obesity.

3. Little sleep makes one vulnerable to diabetes.

Poor sleep has some relationship with insulin production, such that there will be little insulin production when someone does not have adequate sleep. A body with less sleep will not be able to effectively use insulin, therefore increasing the risk of getting diabetes. Furthermore reducing the sleep time will increase the resistance of insulin in the fat cells, leading to diabetes risk.

4. Poor sleep leads to Memory loss.

There are many occasions where someone not having enough sleep tends to be more forgetful. The person will appear to have lost focus and cannot learn well or capture any concept. This short term effects can become permanent if a person continuous denying themselves enough sleep. Long term sleep deprives will lead to more serious cognitive issues and one will have a low memory storage capacity or brain deterioration.

5. Less sleep makes one prone to cancer

There is a certain type of cancer that is brought about by lack of sleep or very little sleep time. For example, women who have less than 6 hours of sleep daily have a high risk of getting breast cancer compared to those having adequate sleep. Having better sleep is one sure way of reducing the recurring of breast cancer in women, a study shows. Other types of cancers also have a high risk of increasing to patients who do not have enough sleep.

6. Not having enough sleep leads to Heart risks.

Poor sleep will most eventually cause pain and aches to your heart. The stress and the strains that arise from inadequate sleep will arouse the production of chemicals and hormones that will lead to heart diseases. Heart diseases attacks more people who stays most of their time awake.

Apart from the heart disease, shorter sleep will also lower the life expectance. The people with inadequate sleep usually die younger than expected. Having less than 6 hours of sleep everyday will overwork the body and lead to the person lacking the energy to live more years.

7. Little sleep increases infertility.

Having difficult to conceive a baby is attached to not having enough sleep. This is because having regular sleep disrupts reduces the secretion of reproductive hormones in human beings.

WebMD has a good section on these risks.  It's well worth reading if you suffer from any of them​

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