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Coleman: The World’s Leading Outdoor Airbed Manufacturer


Coleman is one of the oldest outdoor gear manufacturing companies.

For more than a decade now, Coleman has perfected the art of designing and manufacturing products that seize the market. W.C Coleman, the company’s proprietor started off with a lamp and grew his company’s profile to being the producer of great essentials (such as the gasoline powered lamp and the pocket size all-fuel-combusting stove) of two World Wars. Through the years, Coleman’s portfolio has grown to include everything that’s required for the outdoors and for adventure.

One of the greatest additions to the portfolio at Coleman’s is their air mattresses. Ideally, the company seeks to come up with products that are handy and that solve needs. That has always been the mantra at Coleman’s. The addition of airbeds was also implemented towards this end.

Originally, Coleman’s airbeds were meant for the outdoors. Soon afterwards they started producing air mattresses for the indoors as well. Ideally, the same quality of production is maintained across the board such that all Coleman air mattresses are ideal both for the indoors and the outdoors.

Currently, Coleman is a leader in the production of airbeds and air mattresses that ooze comfort and durability.Coleman has developed a portfolio of six categories of air beds. These are; Durarest, Supportrest, Quickbed, Easystay and Youth airbeds.

All these categories of airbeds by Coleman are made with every attention to detail to allow the user a sleeping experience that is unbeatable.

The subcategorization for Durarest, Supportrest, Quickbed and Easystay categories are further categorized into twin size, full size and queen size.

Coleman has some of its air mattresses with inbuilt pumps. For those without an inbuilt pump, Coleman sells one separately.

Under the quickbed category, there are several airbeds which are highly raised to rid its user of the illusion of sleeping on the floor.

The Quickbed category is one of the most luxurious (besides Supportrest) of all of Coleman’s airbeds. These beds does not retail at high prices despite the fact that it comprises of mattresses made of better quality and durability.

Supportrest air mattresses by Coleman are the ultimate mattresses every buyer would want to have. They retail at just under $80 on Amazon, which is still a great price given the quality. There is an assurance of an unmatched durability and a warranty that beats all other warranties offered by the competition.

The Youth bed category comprises of two product items. Both are made suitable for children; one is for boys and the other for girls. The difference is in the finishing of the quilted top. These mattresses are ideal both for the outdoors and the indoors.

Basically, the two cost just the same amount, a little under twenty dollars. Unlike other air mattress companies whose youth airbeds can only be used by children under the age of fifteen, Coleman has its Youth line big enough to serve an eighteen year old equally well.What stands out most about Coleman’s air mattresses is the fact that they rarely leak. The valve systems used to finish Coleman’s air mattresses has a double valve which makes it totally air fast.

Ultimately, an air mattress by Coleman is bound to retain air at full capacity at all times. Something else that appeals about Coleman is the assurance of value for money. They offer products that are sure to serve you for years on end.

Quality and comfort was never compromised for Coleman products which is why their air mattresses are loved by the many that do.

Apart from airbeds, Coleman’s portfolio includes plastic coolers, tents, sleeping bags, hiking and camping accessories, backpacks, camping kitchenware and apparel-especially for the outdoors. Coleman’s classic lanterns are part of their best sellers to date.

They also have camper stoves, canopies and shelters, games, emergency gear, outdoor furniture, grills, hot water systems and other fueled appliances. The collection of products at Coleman’s allows every fun and outdoor-loving individual to be as comfortable out there as they would be at home.

As far as pertains their air beds and air mattresses, they avail quality accessories as well so as to help their clients with easy DIY repairs for their airbeds in case of any eventuality. They also have pet beds that are found in different sizes for both indoor and outdoor uses; which is makes it the first company to produce inflatable pet furniture.

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