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Choosing the Best Bedsheets for Your Air Mattress


When going to the market to purchase bed sheets, looking at the color or the print and pattern alone is not a good consideration in acquiring good quality bed sheets. The color of the bed sheet as well as the pattern draws on the sheet are absolutely the very first features to notice when you look at a bed sheet.

But there are other features not easily noticeable that plays a crucial role in determining the quality of the bed sheet. Among these features include the thread count of the materials, the type of fabric of the bed sheet, and the weave of the bed sheet which are more important to color and the pattern o the sheet.

The bed sheet threads count.The bed sheet thread count is the calculation of the amount of thread that has been used both vertically and horizontally to make a square inch of the fabric of the bed sheet. There are different terms that are used to refer to the thread count.

A single-ply for example is used to refer to the sheet sets that use a single one thread for every horizontal as well as vertical row. On the other hand the two-ply bedding sheet when used makes a heavier weave of the bed sheet even with the same number of rows, because the threads are twisted together.Beds sheets which are usually hairy and also soft are made from thread counts of between 200 and 400, and such bed sheets are made with sateen fabric or the twill weave fabric.

Most of the luxury bed sheets, which are denser, heavier and silkier are made from thread count of between 500 and 1000. The thread count information basically helps one to guess on how the sheet will feel, even though the size of the cotton also determines the texture.

Bed sheet weaves

Waving a weave thread into fabric can be done in a number of ways. Each of the methods will produce a different texture. The techniques of weaving will result into various weaves.

The first one is a standard weave bed sheet that has a pattern of one stitch over and one stitch under.

The second type is the sateen bed sheets which come from a blend of cotton and natural fiber. Its four stitches makes it appear to have a silky quality. These sheets are usually softer, though they are not durable.

The third type is the pinpoint weave bed sheets which are softer than standard weaves but not as much as sateen bed sheets.

The last type is the twill weave bed sheet which are more resistant to wrinkles compared to the other types.

The fabric

The fabric determines the texture of the sheets. The type of the fabric just like thread counts can be used to guess on the quality of the bed sheet and its softness. Among the most common bed sheet fabrics include flanned bed sheets that is formed from a warm cotton blend, percale bed sheets that have a soft and combed fabric, with a close weave. It is made from cotton blended with polyester.

There is also the Egyptian cotton bed sheets which is the most luxurious of all of them and the pima cotton bed sheets made from soft cotton grown in Pima, Arizona.

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