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Anti-Allergen Spray Tips


An approximate 15 out of 20 people around the world are allergic to animals, especially pet animals. An allergen is a medical term referred to a substance that causes allergy to the people. Many people experience reactions just by the mere act of touching or even inhaling the allergens.

I should point out that having allergens in the house does in no way reflect upon the cleanliness of the home or the quality of the mattress or furnishings. Even the best mattresses can become home to allergens.

Some of the symptoms associated with allergy include the person having itchy red eyes, a watery nose and eyes, having a sore throat, sneezing and coughing, an itchy skin and also the person developing difficulty in breathing.

Most of the animal pets reared at home are the main causes of the allergens. Their shedding of the scales of their old skin and the proteins found in this together with their urine, saliva and sebaceous cells are some of the main causes of allergy inside a household. The most common animals triggering the allergic responses are the cats however, even though the wastes of other animals and birds also count.

Apart from the pets, many people are also allergic to other allergens such as pollens, moulds and dust mites, all of which are present inside a home.

The remedy therefore is not just to eliminate the pets from the house, because this can be heart breaking, and may not necessarily solve the problem because of these other causes of allergy. One thing that can be done is to decontaminate the home through spraying, as this will limit the future exposure to such allergens.Allergy sprays are the sure preventive way of reducing allergies inside the house.

This is because other methods will not completely remove the cat dander in the room as it is left behind almost everywhere, on the floors and on the furniture’s. Most of the allergy sprays that are commercially available have the ability to denature the cat dander as well as helps to remove the bad odor.

These allergy sprays used should be well formulated for use around the pets, because most of the pets are allergic to deodorants and other household chemicals. The sprays should also be safe to be sprayed around the bed, carpets and all around the furniture’s.

An example of these anti-allergen sprays includes Allersearch ADS that is made from plant-based materials which are also non-toxic. This anti-allergic spray can be sprayed all around the house so as to keep the sting away from the household dust and it helps render the allergen harmless.

However another solution to the allergens involves vacuuming and steam-cleaning the house including carpets and furniture’s. This will help reduce the amount of dust inside the house and also reduce other airborne allergens that are in existence in the environment.

Keeping the personal hygiene after playing with the pets such as washing of hands is also very important. Prevent the pets from getting access to the bedroom where they can leave the allergens on the mattresses and the beds. In case a pet has gained access to the bedroom, it is always important to wash the beddings in hot water so as to kill the allergens. Although allergens won’t be completely removed, they can be reduced to a great extent

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