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Air Mattresses for Camping


Bags all packed for the next camping trip?  Do you have everything you need for a relaxing week outdoors as you planned?

Although food, water, clothes and other gear are all essential for camping,  the importance of  getting a good night's sleep is often forgotten about or not emphasised enough.  As any survivalist will tell you the keys to enjoying your life in the wild is to stay warm, dry and get a good night's sleep.  Just about everyone has a good quality tent and will take clothes suitable for the climate and location. However, many people still make do with a foam sleeping pad when it comes to bedding.

To be honest I did too.  Part of it is a manly thing, you're outdoors and guys often feel like there should be some suffering involved.  But that isn't the case and older and wiser campers know. A good outdoor mattress or airbed is as important as the other camping essentials for the much-needed rest that is required.

Foam sleeping mats are lightweight and easily portable, but guess what - so air airbeds. They pack down and can easily be carried in a backpack. Cost-wise they are more expensive.  But what you spend on ensuring your back is free from pain and you wake up refreshed every morning will be a fraction of the cost of a good pair of walking boots or Goretex jacket. 

So to my mind, campers shouldn't view camping air mattresses as a luxury.  They are a necessity - and one that provides a very high benefit vs. cost ratio.

Tips on buying an air mattress for camping

Before rushing to the mall to buy an air mattress, make sure that you keep in mind the following quick details while choosing an air mattress.

  • Heavy air mattresses last longer and are more suitable for family camping trips, and light air mattresses are portable and durable for rock climbers and hikers.
  • You can pump to inflate the air mattress manually, electrically or by air self-inflating. For short camping trips, electric or battery powered pumps are more apt than the long camping trips and for that self-inflating air mattress or a hand/foot pump will work.
  •  Inflation and deflation of air mattress should take less time, the ideal time is 4 minutes.
  •  Air mattresses are durable.
  •  Size should be enough for 1-2 campers.

Reviews of my Top 3 camping airbeds and mattresses

Sound Asleep Dream Series Air Mattress

Sound Asleep Dream Series Air Mattress

For the utmost comfort and sleeping experience like at home, the Sound Asleep Dream Series Air Mattress is what you need. Featuring coil technology which consists of 40 individual air coils and an internal pump which makes this soft touch air mattress unbeatable.

Available in queen size measuring 78 x 58 X 19 inches, this long lasting, lightweight, water proof air mattress stays firm and flat. Furthermore, the grip at the bottom prevents unwanted sliding during use and thus provides comfort like a traditional mattress. Exclusively designed for comfort, this smart looking air mattress sets up effortlessly and is very easy to carry and transport, especially for family camping trips on a large camping ground.

This will cost you about $120.00.


  • Comfort coil technology
  • ECO friendly PVC top
  • Constructed of a 15 Gauge material
  • Waterproof and puncture resistant
  • High capacity and adjustable pump
  • Minimizes air loss
  • Multi-layer thickness
  • Long lasting firmness and flatness
  • Bear weight up to 500 lbs.
  • Tested one click inflation and deflation in less than 4 minutes
  • Easy to carry and transport
  • 24X7 customer service


  • Edges shifts
  • PVC top stretched
  • Standard bed sheet doesn’t fit
  • Does not hold air for more than three days


The Sound Asleep Dream Series Air Mattress is a perfect lightweight and waterproof mattress that will offer you maximum comfort and support while camping.

Coleman Queen Quickbed Air Mattress

Coleman Queen Quickbed Air Mattress

Coleman Queen Quickbed Air Mattress is the ideal choice for an air mattress for camping, especially for a long trip. It is available in different sizes; queen size measures 78 x 5 x 60 inches and costs around $70.

This lightweight quickbed features a smart coil system of 48 coils, a quick 4D pump, the top is made up of heavy duty PVC material that inflates and deflates quickly, and a built-in wrap and roll carrier system, making the mattress easier to pack, store, and transport. Just fold, roll and store. Battery operated pump inflate and deflate the air mattress effortlessly, and thus quickly offers a soft surface for extra comfort on hard ground.


  • Comfortable 48 coils technology
  • Durable construction of PVC material
  • Battery operated 4D pump
  • Puncture resistant
  • Leak proof
  • Built in wrap and roll
  • Easy to store and carry
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Fit all standard bed sheets
  • Extremely reliable


  • Air loss with time and usage
  • Poor customer service
  • Noisy pump


The Coleman Queen Quickbed Air Mattress is perfect for longer camping trips. But remember to bring a long solar rechargeable batteries for the pump if you're heading into the wilderness.  The top of the line mattress is created from a strong PVC material so you can be ensured of firm, cushioning support while sleeping.

Stansport Self-Inflating Air Mattress

Stansport Self-Inflating Air Mattress

Stansport self-Inflating Air Mattress is dependable, comfortable and a great mattress to sleep on. This mattress is suitable for a camper who is constantly on the move. Available in many sizes, thickness and colors. This is a cheaper alternative to a proper air-mattress.  It retails for around US$30.  

Whilst it is firmer than the two air-mattresses that we have already reviewed, it's advantage is that it is self inflating.  Air is drawn into the mattress when it is unrolled.  Simple and relatively quick to do. It's around 2" deep, so is more of a hybrid between air-bed and sleeping mat.

The material used is a strong exterior that ensures air does not leak out throughout the night and therefore offers a flat and firm surface to rest, which makes the mattress reliable for the outdoors.  

The use isn't limited to camping, many buyers use it for sunbathing on beaches or in fields or rocky areas where comfort is needed


  • Self-inflating
  • Light weight and portable
  • Easy to compress
  • Extremely durable
  • Low expense
  • Easy to use


  • Thicker size is difficult to roll up
  •  You may have to blow some air into it to get it fully inflated.


The Stansport Self-Inflating Air Mattress is comfortable and self-inflating.  If you just need a bit more comfort than a foam camping pad then this is the best alternative. And at under 30 bucks, great value for money. There's really no reason not to take one when you go outdoors. 


To choose the most suitable camping air mattress for a comfortable rest, is little difficult. All the features offer a relaxing experience and all the comforts of regular mattress. The mattress that will make your sleep in the wilderness more comfortable and enjoyable is the Coleman Queen Quickbed.

This reasonable air mattress is durable, portable, and extremely reliable for both short and long camping trips. The battery operated pump inflates the mattress in a snap and when it deflates, it is easier to store and transport. No more aches and pains on the hard ground, these mattresses will offer a great camping experience.

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