Hello everyone and thanks for visiting.

This page is where I give a little bit of information about myself and the reason behind making this site.  I hope you find it interesting!

My name is Ian and as you can see from the photo I'm a  pretty healthy, middle aged guy.  But it wasn't always that way. Several years ago I developed chronic back pain following an accident and this lead to loss of sleep and subsequently a battle with a bout of depression

Obviously, I went to the doctor.  I took various medications.  But the one thing that turned my life around was the day I had to take an unexpected trip to visit my cousin and borrowed their air mattress. 

An Air Mattress Saved My Life

OK.  That's a little melodramatic, I admit, but when I woke the following morning I had just experienced the best night's sleep for years.  I already slept on a good spring mattress.  But couldn't afford to go out and pay hundreds of dollars for a state of the art orthopedic bed.  

But when my cousin told me that he got the same benefits from a  $100 air mattress I found it hard to believe.  

But the proof of the pudding is in the eating ( or, more accurately, the proof of the bed is in the sleeping) so I gave it a try.

Boy was I impressed.  First thing that morning, I ordered a Serta air mattress from Amazon.

How did I know that Serta was one of the top brands?  Well, I didn't, that was all luck . . . plus they had a good deal and I'm a sucker for a discount. 

At that stage I assumed that all airbeds were pretty much the same.  I hadn't given any consideration to the quality or features.

So by good fortune I did buy a great bed for a great price.  

But over the past couple of years I've upgraded and also advised friends and family on air mattresses.

So this site is just an extension of the tips and information I've gathered since the night an air mattress saved my life.  Nowadays my back pain has gone, I sleep like a baby and don't require any medication.  This profile photo was taken on a dive boat on a recent vacation to the Maldives. SUP, snorkelling, windsurfing - all no problem. Simply through being able to get enough quality sleep.

If you haven't tried sleeping on air, do so.  You'll love it!